Accent Compliance, LLC


About Us

Our Philosophy:  Compliance Should Not Be Difficult

Accent Compliance offers innovative compliance consulting: we are solution providers who bring our clients customized compliance and operational solutions that allow them to focus on growing their businesses. We provide defined outcomes and support services tailored to what each client needs. Leveraging from the thousands of firms we have visited and serviced over the years, we prepare best practice procedures that will help preserve your hard-won reputation. 

We guide companies through the new membership application process, changes or amendments to their new or existing broker-dealer business models, FOCUS reporting, and branch office auditing. We assist clients in negotiating clearing agreements, structuring back office operations, and work closely with other service providers in the industry.  We provide accurate and up-to-date compliance support to maintain compliance with securities rule and regulations.

Accent Compliance can help your business put compliance into perspective by guiding you through the regulations. By ensuring that senior management understands compliance controls arrangements, we aim to ensure that good compliance becomes an integral part of the way your firm conducts business. By removing the complexities and addressing misapprehensions, we aim to make compliance a source of strength for our clients.

 We will help your firm create a culture of compliance and make compliance a source of strength, wherever you operate.


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